Our History

Over Sixty years and growing

Grace Lutheran Church was formed in 1956. The first church building was constructed and dedicated in 1960 on Hollywood Boulevard. Services were held until 1983 when the state began construction of Martin Luther King Boulevard displacing the church. The church constructed its present Sanctuary and offices in 1984 on Valhi Boulevard. In 1988 the back classrooms were constructed. In 1992 the Fellowship Hall was added. In 2003 the back classrooms were made into an Early Childhood Center. A few years later the 2 classrooms across from the offices were combined to make room for a 2 year old program to be added to the ECC. In 2009 a prayer garden was constructed, attached to the north wall of the Sanctuary. The bell tower was constructed out front in 2014 with the old sign subsequently removed and walkway to the tower installed. In 2018 the prayer garden fountain was relocated and the columbarium installed. In 2019 a new location and information sign was installed in front of the bell tower.

For a more detailed account of our history, including the clergy, read  A History of Grace.

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20th FallFest is held  2019

Our 20th Fall Festival was held benefiting local charities. Throughout the festival's history over a quarter million dollars has been given to charities.

New sign installed 2019

 A new double sided location sign was installed near the road. The large LED displays provide full color messages, video and photos.

Columbarium installed in prayer garden 2018

A cross shaped columbarium took the place of the fountain in the prayer garden. The fountain was relocated to the front church garden.

Bell tower installed 2014

A bell tower with electronic carillon system was installed in front of the buildings. The old sign was removed and a walkway to the tower was installed.

Good Shepherd window replaced 2011

After a 2008 hurricane destroyed the upper 7 panels of the window a replacement was installed .

New Prayer Garden constructed 2009

A new prayer garden was constructed on the north side of the Sanctuary. The installed fountain was relocated in 2018 to the front garden to allow for the columbarium installation.

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