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Tech Notes
Some users of our site have asked me what's wrong with the pictures and graphics on our website. Well; the answer is simple: Not Us. If you have upgraded to the newer Internet Explorer 9 (as I did) and upgraded to the newer 10.3 Adobe Flash player (like I did) then you may have trouble viewing our site (also like I did). This is readily apparent due to the home page being rich in macromedia images. You will also find other internet sites are affected. I noted many news videos either loaded only partially or couldn't play at all. I found out (yes, internet search) that the Intel HD Graphics adapters running IE9 are impacted by the issues between the flash player and IE9.
There are a few options to solve this problem.
#1 Update your Intel HD Graphics drivers. I did this and it WORKS! Try it first. Here's how to:
     Open your Control Panel. Then open Device Manager. Click on Display Adapters & double click Intel (R) HD Graphics.
      Go to the Driver tab and click on Update Driver. Then click on Update Automatically. The latest driver will download and install.
      The latest 2011 update cured my computer's problem. If this doesn't work try:
#2 Switch to another default browser. Mozilla Firefox worked well on my system and didn't have the player issues.
#3 Disable hardware graphics acceleration and use software rendering instead. Google this if you want. I didn't need to try it.
I hope this helps and you can continue to enjoy our site!